Staff Directory


Holimon, Bill

Bill Holimon

Acting Director/Chief of Research & Inventory
 email      501.324.9761

Emily Barfield

Administrative Specialist
 email      501.683.4362

Arkansas Heritage Program

Baker, Brent

Brent Baker

 email      501.683.4085
Lynch, Dustin

Dustin Lynch

Aquatic Ecologist
 email      501.683.5778
Osborne, Cindy

Cindy Osborne

Data Manager/Environmental Review Coordinator
 email      501.324.9762
Scheiman, Samantha

Samantha Scheiman

Grants Coordinator
 email      501.324.9614
Shannon, Katie

Katie Shannon

Environmental Review Specialist
 email      501.324.9617
Winningham, Scotty

Scotty Winningham

Conservation Data Specialist
 email      501.324.9636
Witsell, Theo

Theo Witsell

 email      501.324.9615

Acquisitions and Stewardship

Conway, Michael

Michael Conway

GIS/Database Analyst
 email      501.623.7310
Greisen, Carla

Carla Greisen

Land Management Specialist
 email      501-683-0794
Leeson, Ryan

Ryan Leeson

Land Management Specialist
 email      501.371.5631
Mitchell, Brian

Brian Mitchell

Stewardship Coordinator
 email      501.324.9612
O'Dell, John

John O'Dell

Land Management Specialist
 email      501.324.9616
Rupar, Bryan

Bryan Rupar

Chief of Acquisitions & Stewardship
 email      501.682.1587
Solomon, Patrick

Patrick Solomon

Habitat Coordinator
 email      501.324.9581

Education and Information

Berryhill, Ruthie

Ruthie Berryhill

Education & Information Coordinator
 email      501.324.9634
Patrick, Leslie

Leslie Patrick

Outreach Specialist
 email      501.324.9661