Natural Communities of Arkansas - poster series

students with posters

This series of posters and associated materials details six different natural communities that occur in Arkansas. A natural community is a group of native plants and animals that interact with each other and their environment in ways not greatly altered by modern human activity.

Limited quantities of the printed posters are still available and can be picked up from our Little Rock office or mailed. We no longer have the original printed posters for "Large Rivers" or "Upland Hardwood Forests" but the images and educator's guides are still available below.

Each poster contains a 12 X 16 inch, black and white line drawing of the community with a species key and a general description of the plants and animals illustrated. Additional text outlines the characteristics of each natural community and its current status in Arkansas.

Each poster is available as a download. Each black and white line drawing and its accompanying key is also available as a separate download.

Each of the six posters has an educator's guide titled “Notes on Natural Communities.” These include vocabulary words, resources lists, and correlations to Arkansas Science Curriculum Frameworks.



Glades - Poster Glades - Poster (1621 KB)

Glades - Illustration With Key Glades - Illustration With Key (1273 KB)