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Emergency Responders Train at White Cliffs Natural Area

Arkansas Natural Heritage Commission - Thursday, August 31, 2017

White Cliffs Natural Area (NA) in Little River County is known for its white chalk cliffs that rise out of the Little River floodplain and reach heights of 100 feet. The natural area is ideal for local Search and Rescue teams to practice their skills in training maneuvers because of the high bluffs, uneven terrain, and lack of vehicular access.

The ANHC has a cooperative agreement with the Oak Hill Volunteer Fire Department and the Little River County Search and Rescue Team to enter, scout, and utilize White Cliffs NA for training in technical rescue. The training is held in conjunction with the Arkansas Department of Emergency Management. ANHC’s Chief of Acquisition and Stewardship, Bryan Rupar, also participates in the training exercises each year.

Although our natural areas exist to protect specific species or geological features, they are also open to appropriate public use. The ANHC is glad that at White Cliffs NA, the area can be utilized to help train those who are tasked with finding and rescuing people in trouble.

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