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New Trail at Cove Creek Natural Area

Arkansas Natural Heritage Commission - Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Cove Creek Natural Area is located in the Arkansas River Valley natural division. A 1.5 mile primitive loop trail (get the trail map here) has been installed so visitors can get up close and personal with the flora and fauna of the Arkansas Valley. The Cove Creek Loop Trail is easy-to-moderate in difficulty. Highlights include two scenic overlooks of the free-flowing Cove Creek. There are also two foot bridges on the trail that were constructed from cedars (sourced at the natural area) and lumber salvaged from old natural area entrance signs.

Trail head from natural area parking lot. 

From the trailhead, visitors will meander through a cedar glade before shortly transitioning into an upland hardwood forest dominated by oak and hickory trees. After roughly a half mile, visitors will arrive at the Cove Creek overlook. This outcrop gives visitors their first glimpse of Cove Creek, which is a tributary to Cadron Creek. During periods of wet weather there is a beautiful, cascading waterfall immediately south of the overlook. Once visitors leave this area, they will head south along what was once a wild game path. There is an opportunity to enjoy another scenic vista after traveling approximately a quarter of a mile. From the second overlook, the trail continues down a natural bench (a flat narrow platform of land) until it reaches the riparian zone next to Cove Creek. The trail meanders through the bottomlands before transitioning back into the upland hardwood forest and eventually back to the trailhead.

This primitive trail is a good day-hike destination and provides opportunities for low-impact public use such as bird watching or photography, as well as scientific research and education. When visiting, please remember:

  • The collection and/or removal of plants (including fruits, nuts, or edible plant parts), animals, fungi, rocks, minerals, fossils, archaeological artifacts, soil, downed wood, or any other natural material alive or dead is prohibited. Collecting for scientific research requires a permit issued by the ANHC.
  • Natural area boundaries are posted. Adjacent private landowners should always be consulted for permission before crossing private lands.
  • Camping and campfires are not allowed. Pets are discouraged but if present, should be under their owner’s control.

For questions or other information regarding this trail or others within the Arkansas Natural Heritage Commission’s trail system, or additional information on using “Leave No Trace” trail ethics during your visit, please contact Toby Von Rembow at (501) 683-4084 or email: [email protected]. - See more at:

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