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Work Improves Beauty of Kings River Falls

Arkansas Natural Heritage Commission - Friday, February 28, 2014

If you visit Kings River Natural Area this spring, you will see the results of a great partnership with the ANHC, the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission, private landowners, and Madison County, that started with the goals of bank stabilization and channel restoration.Working together with these partners, ANHC was able to stabilize banks, restore the channel to historic size and function, and re-vegetate the riparian corridor of a portion of the Kings River that is an integral part of a healthy stream ecosystem.

Unstable banks were identified and prioritized and a natural channel design was determined for this stretch of the river. A survey was taken along the length of the restoration area to determine proper channel depth and crossvane placement. Crossvanes are simply structures built of large, native sandstone, which help ensure that the channel morphology will be as planned.

These structures are used to scour a new channel at low flows and to disperse the destructive force of flood waters, protecting banks from scouring. Five crossvanes were installed within the restoration area, and the banks were sloped according to that specific stream type. Additionally, all disturbed areas were planted with native vegetation to reduce the amount of substrate movement and sedimentation downstream.

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