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Natural Diversity in Arkansas - A Curriculum Guide

This section contains 28 lesson plans for grades K-12. They are presented in five units with a glossary at the end. Each activity is correlated to National Science Standards and Arkansas Science Curriculum Frameworks.
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Introducing the Term Biological Diversity (Grades K-12)
Unit 1The Diversity of Where
Unit 1a - Log Life (Grades 4-8)
Unit 1b - Web It (Grades 4-12)
Unit 1c - What is a Biome and Why Should I Care? (Grades 4-12)
Unit 1d - Geology Affects Ecology (Grades 4-12)
Unit 1e - Mapping Schoolyard Diversity (Grades 5-12)

Unit 2 - The Diversity of What

           Unit 2a - Animal Action (Grades K-6)
           Unit 2b - Bugging Out (Grades K-12)
           Unit 2c - Fit the Niche (Grades 5-12)
           Unit 2d - Oh, Rats! (Grades 9-12)
           Unit 2e - Adaptation Aspirations (Grades 6-12)
           Unit 2f - Eagle Watch (Grades 10-12)

Unit 3The Diversity of What and Where

          Unit 3a - Don't Bother Me (Grades 4-12)
          Unit 3b - Levels of Biological Diversity (Grades 9-12)
Unit 4The Diversity of Where - Revisited
Unit 4a - Question the Answer (Grades 4-12)
Unit 4b - Becoming Well-versed in Biodiversity (Grades 4-12)
Unit 4c & d - Bio-dilemmas (Grades K-12)
Unit 4e - Who Needs 'em (Grades K-12)
Unit 4f - Comparing Populations Through Arkansas History Using the Five Themes of Geography
Unit 5The Diversity of Words and Pictures
Unit 5a - Nature Stories Through Words and Pictures (Grades K-12)
Unit 5b - Literature and Biological Diversity (Grades K-8)
Unit 5c - Literature and the Diversity of Life (Grades 9-12)
Unit 5d - Prairies, Forests, and Aquatic Habitats (Grades K-5)
Unit 5e - Operation Observation (Grades K-3)
Unit 5f - Riddles and Rhymes about Black Bears (Grades K-5)
Unit 5g - What's Happening Trees? (Grades K-6)


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