Hell Creek Natural Area

Hell Creek Natural Area

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 County: Stone
 Division: Ozark Mountains
 Acres: 261
 Year Added: 1985


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Located at the boundary of the Springfield and on Salem Plateaus of the Ozark Mountains, Hell Creek Natural Area supports populations of the Hell Creek Cave crayfish and the gray myotis, both federally endangered species. Most of Hell Creek Cave is wet year-round, with many of its passages flooded during periods of high rainfall. Hell Creek Cave is considered an example of a "solution channel" or "tunnel cave." Hell Creek, which flows through the cave, is spring fed and eventually empties into the White River. Hills above the cave support a diverse oak-hickory forest.


From Mountain View travel north on Highway 9N/14W/5N (Sylamore Avenue) for approximately 2.5 miles and turn right on Hillbilly Ridge Road. Travel approximately 0.1 mile and turn right on Mountain Crest Drive. Continue approximately 1.2 miles and turn right on Sarah’s Way. Proceed until the road dead-ends (approximately 0.2 mile) and park in the cul-de-sac. (Directions via Google)


Hunting is not permitted on this natural area.

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