Konecny Grove Natural Area

Konecny Grove Natural Area

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Konecny Grove Natural Area Info

 County: Prairie
 Division: Mississippi Alluvial Plain
 Acres: 22
 Year Added: 1979


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Konecny Grove Natural Area is one of the few remaining examples of prairie slash woodland that once occurred across certain parts of the Grand Prairie of eastern Arkansas (Mississippi Alluvial Plain). Slash woodlands represent a transitional habitat from prairie to bottomland hardwood forest. Today, less than three percent of this habitat type remains in the Grand Prairie.  Sugarberry, green ash, green hawthorn, and elm trees dominate the area. A four-acre seasonal herbaceous wetland exists in the northern portion. The natural area protects the only known population of the rare Stern’s medlar. Fee title is held by a private landowner.


From Hazen, travel south on U.S. Highway 63 (old State Highway 11) for 10 miles to its junction with State Highway 86. Turn Right on State Highway 86 and travel for 1.2 miles. At a sharp curve in the road turn onto a gravel road that goes straight and go for 0.9 mile. Turn left on a dirt road and go 0.4 mile to the grove. (Directions via Google)


Hunting is prohibited on this natural area.

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