Seven Devils Swamp Natural Area

Seven Devils Swamp Natural Area

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Seven Devils Swamp Natural Area Info

 County: Drew
 Division: Coastal Plain
 Acres: 1076
 Year Added: 2002


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Seven Devils Swamp Natural Area is located along Cut-off Creek at the point where the creek flows from the pine-covered hills of the Coastal Plain to the flat lowlands of the Mississippi Alluvial Plain. The area is comprised of a relatively narrow bottomland occupied by bald cypress and water tupelo on the wetter sites and bottomland hardwood tree species on drier, but still flood-prone, sites. Farther downstream, the area is almost permanently flooded, supporting a diverse swamp community. High-quality forested canebrakes are interspersed throughout the area. The natural area lies within the Seven Devils Swamp Wildlife Management Area and is co-managed with the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission (AGFC).


From Monticello, travel east on State Highway 35 approximately 14.0 miles to Collins. From the Cut-off Creek bridge in Collins, continue east approximately 0.1 mile, and turn left on Selma-Collins Road (County Road 69). Travel north 3.65 miles. Turn left on Barnard Road. Travel 1.5 miles to boat ramp. (Directions via Google)


Specific types of hunting are allowed on this natural area. For details, see the Seven Devils WMA listing in the current Arkansas Hunting Guidebook. Take all necessary safety precautions when visiting this area.

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