Sweden Creek Falls Natural Area

Sweden Creek Falls Natural Area

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Sweden Creek Falls Natural Area Info

 County: Madison
 Division: Ozark Mountains
 Acres: 136
 Year Added: 1977


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Sweden Creek Falls Natural Area, located in the Boston Mountains of the Ozarks, is a mix of glades, dry woodlands, dry-mesic woodlands, bluffs, and mesic hardwood forests. The terrain is dissected with pine-oak woodlands on the dry upper west-facing slopes, and an oak-dominated forest on the lower west and east-facing slopes. Seasonally wet sandstone glades found along the blufftop are home to the rare small-headed pipewort. An 80-foot waterfall maintains moist conditions on a talus slope that supports a diverse fern community.


Length-  1.5 miles roundtrip
Difficulty-  Easy to moderate; not ADA accessible
Trail Blazes-  Blue

Sweden Creek cuts through sandstone before eventually dropping into a scenic Ozark canyon creating the eighth largest waterfall in Arkansas. Begin your hike at the trailhead, which can be accessed at the southwest corner of the parking lot. From there, follow blue trail blazes along the bluff line until you reach the falls -- the trail splits at 0.5 mile with one segment going along the bluff line to the top of the falls and the other to the bottom of the falls.  From the falls, Sweden Creek flows several miles before merging with the Kings River.


From the town of Boxley take State Highway 21 North. At 4.0 miles turn left (south) onto a dirt road and proceed 3.25 miles to the parking lot on the right (west) side of the road. Please park only in the designated parking lot. We appreciate your understanding and encourage you to wait until the lot is not full or to visit again soon.

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Specific types of hunting are allowed on this natural area. For details, see the Sweden Creek Natural Area WMA listing in the current Arkansas Hunting Guidebook. Take all necessary safety precautions when visiting this area.

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