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ARkansas Natural Features

Are you interested in increasing your knowledge of Arkansas’s natural heritage? If so, you are in the right place. Find informative and academic articles featuring information on rare, threatened and endangered species, including Arkansas's native plants and animals. Take an in-depth look at our projects. See how conservation partnerships help us achieve our goals, get into the science of what we do and learn more about the variety of habitats and ecosystems found in Arkansas. Articles are added once or twice a month, so check back often!

Natural areas are more than just a glimpse into the past. What these areas ultimately can provide are blueprints for understanding how Arkansas's diverse ecosystems originally functioned.


The annual migration of birds is one of the world's great wildlife spectacles, but migration is not just for the birds! As it turns out, many kinds of animals migrate.


New studies link monarch butterflies to native milkweed plants


Learn facts and myths about invasive species as part of National Invasive Species Awareness Week


Work is currently underway at Lorance Creek Natural Area to resurface the 15 year-old trail and to replace, redesign, and update its interpretive panels.


New clues and help for Alzheimer's patients may be found by studying nature, specifically hibernation.

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