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The Grand Prairie of Arkansas:  Past, Present and Future - Second Edition

The Arkansas Natural Heritage Commission and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service developed the first edition of this publication in 2003 to support conservation and restoration efforts in the Grand Prairie of eastern Arkansas.  The two agencies have partnered together again to update and enlarge a new, second edition for 2013.  The booklet details the region's natural history, the current status of its natural communities, and new information about prairie restoration activities.  A unique map detailing the presettlement vegetation of the Grand Prairie is also included. Hard copies of this booklet are available in limited quantities. Send an email to [email protected] or call 501.324.9619 to request copies.

The Grand Prairie of Arkansas (4.12 MB PDF)
Download entire booklet.

Presettlement vegetation of the Grand Prairie (588 KB PDF) 
This map from the booklet illustrates the distribution of natural communities across the Grand Prairie circa 1830.

Geography of the Grand Prairie (1.20 MB PDF) 
This map depicts the bounds of the Grand Prairie in relation to modern geography. 


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