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Acres Added at Two Natural Areas

Arkansas Natural Heritage Commission - Thursday, February 27, 2020

Recent acquisitions have added acres to Devil’s Eyebrow and Foushee Cave natural areas.

At Devil’s Eyebrow Natural Area (NA), in Benton and Carroll counties, 119 acres were added, bringing the natural area’s total up to 3,591 acres. Located on the north shore of Beaver Lake, Devil’s Eyebrow NA supports one of the most diverse assemblages of plant life in the state. More than 700 vascular plant species are documented in this area, 36 of which are of state conservation concern.

The recent acquisition at Devil’s Eyebrow NA bordered existing property at the natural area. The new addition will provide better access for land management, as well as opportunities for hunting, birding, and hiking. The land purchase was funded by a private grant from The Walton Family Foundation.

In Independence County, 120 acres were added to Foushee Cave NA, bringing the area’s total acreage up to 3,246 acres. Foushee Cave NA includes one of the most biologically significant caves in Arkansas, with a rich biodiversity that comprises 10 significant cave species. Two federally listed endangered species, the gray bat (Myotis grisescens) and Indiana bat (Myotis sodalis), are known from the site, as well as the Foushee Cave snail (Amnicola cora), which occurs only in this cave system.

The additional acres contain steep ravines, woodlands, and forests that provide excellent foraging habitat and travel corridors for the endangered bat species. This purchase was made possible by funding from the Arkansas Natural and Cultural Resources Council (ANCRC) grant program.


Top - A drone photo of the conservation corridor at Devil's Eyebrow Natural Area. 

Bottom - Foushee Cave Natural Area in Independence County. Photo by Dustin Lynch.

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