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ANAP Groups Stay Busy on Natural Areas

Arkansas Natural Heritage Commission - Tuesday, July 31, 2018

The ANHC’s Adopt a Natural Area Program (ANAP) members have recently held several work days on natural areas. The ANAP pairs adopting groups with local natural areas as stewards, helping conduct volunteer events, provide stewardship work, monitor species, and assist with one-time projects and research. The program also give the ANHC local “boots on the ground” at our natural areas that can be called on to quickly respond to any immediate concerns.

The University of Central Arkansas (UCA) Biology Club, an adopter of Cove Creek Natural Area, held a workday at the natural area to remove invasive Chinese privet (Ligustrum sinense). Volunteers also enjoyed a hike along the trail. Located in the Arkansas Valley, Cove Creek Natural Area contains almost a mile of the course of Cove Creek near its confluence with Cadron Creek. Restoration efforts are underway to restore an extensive complex of sandstone glades and woodlands that cover more than 100 acres on the west side of the creek above the bluffs.

The Beaver Watershed Alliance, an adopter of Devil’s Eyebrow Natural Area, collaborated with the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission and the ANHC to remove invasive Eastern red cedar (Juniperus virginiana) and sink it in Beaver Lake, which borders the natural area. The complex branches of cedar trees provide shelter for fish, and the insects the fish eat. The ANAP group returned in late July for a “float and tour” event as part of Lakes Appreciation Month. Volunteers worked on trash removal on the natural area and along the shoreline of Beaver Lake.

The Jefferson County Cooperative Extension ServiceSoutheast Arkansas Stormwater Education Program, an adopter of Byrd Lake Natural Area, held a Bayou Bartholomew Cleanup/Watershed Discovery Day. Byrd Lake, for which the natural area is named, is an oxbow lake that still interacts with its parent stream, Bayou Bartholomew, in times of high water. The ANAP group returned at the end of July and held another cleanup day, focusing on just the land within Byrd Lake Natural Area.



Top left -- UCA Biology Club students volunteered at Cove Creek Natural Area this spring.

Right -- Volunteers removed invasive Eastern red cedar from Devil's Eyebrow Natural Area and sunk it in Beaver Lake for fish habitat.

Bottom left -- Volunteers removed trash from Byrd Lake Natural Area.

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