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Expanded Parking Area Increases Accessibility at Cove Creek NA

Arkansas Natural Heritage Commission - Wednesday, February 26, 2020

The parking area at Cove Creek Natural Area (NA) was recently updated and expanded, providing additional parking spaces for visitors. The expanded area will accommodate approximately 20-25 vehicles, an increase of 15-20 parking spaces. A perimeter fence around the parking area was added at the same time.

Located in the Arkansas Valley, Cove Creek NA is one of 25 natural areas with a hiking trail. It contains almost a mile of the course of Cove Creek near its confluence with Cadron Creek. The meandering stream cuts deeply through a ridge of sandstone, creating a spectacular bluff-lined gorge. A small area of creek bottom forest borders the watercourse at the lower end of the tract. Restoration efforts are underway to restore an extensive complex of sandstone glades and woodlands that cover 100 acres on the west side of the creek above the bluffs.

The hiking trail at the natural area is easy-to-moderate in difficulty and is 1.5 miles-roundtrip. Specific types of hunting are allowed. For details see the Cove Creek Natural Area WMA listing in the current Arkansas Hunting Guidebook, published by the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission.


Top - Bluff at Cove Creek Natural Area. Photo by Dustin Lynch.

Bottom - Expanded parking area at Cove Creek Natural Area. Photo by ANHC staff.

















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