Louisiana Purchase Natural Area

Louisiana Purchase Natural Area

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Louisiana Purchase Natural Area Info

 County: Monroe, Lee, Phillips
 Division: Mississippi Alluvial Plain
 Acres: 35
 Year Added: 1977


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Louisiana Purchase Natural Area preserves the initial point, marked by a commemoraitive marker, from which the land surveys of the Louisiana Purchase Territory began in 1815. It also protects a portion of the largest remaining headwater swamp in the Lower Mississippi River Valley. The swamp surrounding the marker is about six miles long and less than a mile wide and comprises the headwaters of Little Cypress Creek, making it a "headwater swamp." Headwater swamps maintain more constant water levels than riparian swamps due to reduced watershed areas. This factor also makes them easier to drain and these swamps have all but vanished from the Mississippi Alluvial Plain. The natural area is a cooperative project with Arkansas State Parks (ASP) and features an interpretive boardwalk into the heart of the swamp, providing a view of the stone survey monument.


Length-  0.4 mile roundtrip
Difficulty-  Easy; ADA accessible  
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An interpretive boardwalk takes visitors into the heart of this headwater swamp and provides a view of the stone survey monument. Wayside exhibits tell the story of the Louisiana Purchase and describe the flora and fauna found in this ecosystem.


From Interstate 40 at Brinkley, take U.S. Highway 49 and go 21 miles south to State Highway 362. Travel 2 miles east. (Directions via Google)


Hunting is prohibited on this natural area.

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