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Arkansas Natural Heritage Commission - Thursday, May 31, 2018

As Tom retires, he leaves an impressive body of written work, in the form of several books and many scientific articles, for the next generation of conservation professionals working in Arkansas. A selected list of Tom’s publications appears on the ANHC website, with PDF copies of many available for download.

Tom’s written work ranges in subject matter from ecological regions and natural divisions, to plant communities, to historical landscapes, to wetlands, to geomorphology (the study of the physical shape and history of the land).

Over the last several years Tom has been blending his knowledge of geomorphology and vegetation to create detailed maps of the potential natural vegetation of the Delta, or Mississippi Alluvial Plain Natural Division. Potential Natural Vegetation maps make use of non-biological data like soils, geology, hydrology, and landform to determine what plant communities are likely present on an intact site, or could be restored to an altered, or non-natural site. These maps are in high demand to inform habitat restoration projects on both public and private land across the Delta, and we hope to make them available on our website.

Tom is also well known for his 1992 book Arkansas and the Land, co-authored with Gerald Hanson and published by the University of Arkansas Press. This book describes the landscapes of Arkansas’s various natural divisions and discusses how they have affected human settlement, history, and use of the land. It is used as a textbook in schools teaching Arkansas history and deserves a prominent place on the bookshelf of any serious student of Arkansas history and ecology.

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